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Celliant technology. Brilliant.

Added oxygen in the blood equals improved performance. That's why we chose to use Celliant™ when making our best function socks. Celliant™ is microscopic particles imbedded within the fibres proven to increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood. This in turn also gives the body a better chance to recover. The increased oxygen level helps to relieve discomfort and pain. We simply call it Seger Oxygene.

friction-relief.jpgFriction Relief

The numerous advantages of FRICTION RELIEF:

  • Minimum friction compared with other fibres and solid materials. Even when the socks are wet.
  • Wear-resistant and non-bobbling even when compared with polyamide.
  • Good resistance to chemicals, so can be washed again and again.
  • Does not absorb water, dries quickly, which reduces friction.
  • Repels oil – easy to keep clean.
  • Flameproof (LOI of 95%). Used for fire brigade uniforms and socks.
  • UV resistant. We give a 20-year guarantee on the material’s surface structure.
  • Excellent colour fastness.
  • Resistant to biological fouling.
  • Antibacterial yarn.
  • Does not shrink during washing, tumble-drying, boiling or steaming.


Bamboo is made up of fibres from the bamboo plant. Three advantages of bamboo:

  1. One of the world’s most productive and fast-growing plants.
  2. Cultivated without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.
  3. 100 % biodegradable

The knitting process helps to soften the bamboo, making it softer than the finest cotton, giving it a natural lustre and making it feel like silk or cashmere.The perfect material for clothing that regulates body heat, keeping you cool, dry, warm and odour-free – whatever you want!


Dri-release is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and keeps wearers comfortable, dry and odor-free. Made from a patented yarn, with just a trace of natural fibers, Dri-release combines the best qualities of both - it wicks moisture away from the skin and it’s soft to the touch. A Freshguard® treatment embedded in the yarn virtually eliminates odor.


COOLMAX® ensures your feet stay dry and fresh throughout the match or the competition. A material that breathes, and wicks moisture away from your feet.


Bamlana is a new ecological material made of bamboo fibers and merino wool. It is 100% natural and provides outstanding moisture transport, ventilation and thermoregulation. Furthermore, Bamlana is odor resistant, lightweight, soft and very comfortable to wear. Oeko-Tex approved.

polartec-recycled.jpgPOLARTEC RECYCLED

POLARTEC® Recycled. Polartec® Recycled is a highly functional fleece material with very high breathing capacity. It keeps the head dry and cool even when one performs one’s best, and it isolates and heats when it’s cold.

4-way stretch gives full mobility as well as perfect fit. Therefore, caps with Polartec® Power Stretch® are ideal for all kinds of sport activities.

Polartec® Recycled contains at least 50% recycled content, saving natural resources and energy while reducing CO2 emissions.


WINDSTOPPER® is a lightweight and very thin membrane that provides total wind-protection and excellent ventilation simultaneously. The membrane’s micropore structure keeps cold wind out but allows moisture to escape, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable


PIUMAFIL® contains a mix of hand-picked cotton and natural Kapok. The combination gives a feeling of unique lightness and a remarkably mild and silky smooth product that leads moisture away from your body.


Seger Thermal Balance
Microcapsules. Outlast® fibres contain millions of microcapsules consisting of wax in a thin shell. The wax reacts to your body temperature, and can change from solid to liquid form in a few seconds. When the body is chilled, the capsules gradually return to their original solid form, releasing the stored body heat at the rate required to maintain the body’s ideal working temperature (37°C).

How Seger Thermal Balance Works
The microcapsules absorb your body heat, maintaining your body temperature at a comfortable level. Your body heat activates the capsules in the Outlast® material, and the storage process begins. When your body is chilled by wind, snow and low temperatures, the capsules change back to solid form, acting as a barrier against chill as they cool from the outside in.