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When the Skiteam Sweden Alpine chose its equipment, only the best was good enough.

That is why they chose to let Seger keep their heads warm. With our latest innovations and materials, we can guarantee that none of the blue and yellow stars are cold. Seger is what counts in the piste. 

We deliver all caps and socks to the entire Skiteam Sweden Alpine and speedskiing.


anja-bild2-01.jpgAnja Pärson. One of Tarnaby’s phenomena who filled our Swedish hearts with pride. This alpine skiing star had an entire nation biting their nails to the knuckles as she won championship after championship worldwide – by hundredths of seconds.

But this is the end of that. Now we must find new idols on the TV screen.

Last year, Anja set aside her racing skis and became a full-time mom. A modified truth. Anja is still a bundle of energy with a thousand irons in the fire. She doesn’t just carry cement while dressed in pink coveralls. She also designs hats for us, or drives far too fast*, or dances like a mad woman at home with her son Elvis and bonus daughter Emmi. “As a mom, I really rock,” she admits.

We think she rocks hard in every way, and we’re already looking forward to the next hat collection.

*Anja was asked to start rally racing, which she is obviously seriously thinking about. Anything that goes 150+ kilometers per hour (93+ mph) is normal for her.


jens-bild2-01.jpgJens Byggmark is another ski celebrity from Tarnaby,Sweden (there must be something in the water, because this little village produces so many world-class skiers).

Jens is a competitor in everything he does – regardless of whether it’s an alpine world cup or a friendly bet with a buddy: Jens hates to lose.

Despite all the training and competitions, he has time to develop hats and socks with us – items that suit him personally. ”I enjoy keeping up with the Seger family, and making stuff that I like.”

We like Jens and his gadgets. We’ll hunker down in front of the TV before every race during 2013 and keep our fingers so crossed that our knuckles turn white.

Ski Team Sweden

ski-team-sweden.jpgIt is with a sense of national pride we develop the hats for the Swedish national alpine team. We do what we do best. Make sure that they stay warm on top so they can stay focused and do what they do best. First rate hats for first rate skiers!

A movie about the skiers here:


More Sponsorship

As the sponsor of our successful alpine teams, Seger is often noticed in cool tv features from sunny ski slopes in the Alps. 

Of course that makes us feel good – but with all respect to the Alps – there are some tough test pilots back home as well. We refer to all good skiing teachers, piste keepers and ski lift personnel at our great Swedish skiing establishments. They are boys and girls that have used Seger’s caps and socks for many years, in all types of weather.

The Swedish fjelds demand much from both people and equipment. We are proud to say that Seger’s products live up to their demands.